V2.5.1 Some Fixes

Version 2.5.1 is now available on the Mac AppStore.
What’s new:

  • Fixed a crash that could happen when running scripts.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause TabLauncher to become unresponsive when set to Always Open.
  • More responsive at start up.
  • Other minor fixes.

Many thanks to the users that have reported these issues to us.
Please don’t be shy, if you have any issues with TabLauncher, immediately report it to us at info@tablauncher.com

V2.5 Lots of new features!

Version 2.5 is now available on the Mac AppStore.
The new key features are:

  • Greatly improved energy usage, now uses 0% when docked.
  • Configuration folder now takes much less disk space.
  • New features for Icons
    • Reusable images, every time you customize an icon with an image, the image will be displayed on a list and can be easily used on other icons. There are some images already included that can be used as the base for making your own icons.
    • Advanced options, run any item with several system events, such as before system goes to sleep, etc.
    • Also options to quit apps with system events.
    • Right click menu now has an option to add custom icons (this icons are applescript files located on ~/Library/TabLauncher/Scripts)
    • You can create more custom icons using your own applescripts, or scripts that you find on the web.
    • A script can be added to display information on the Icon’s badge, such as the number of unread messages, etc.
    • The icon’s name can also be customized, for example to display the name of a music playing on iTunes.
    • You can also customize the icon’s right click menu. For example the Trash icon now has options to eject external drives, or only the virtual drives.
    • It’s now possible to set a timer for each item in your tabs.
  • TabLauncher is now scriptable. You can modify some or all of your items at once using applescripts. (For example to set the size of all icons at once, you can run a simple script like this: tell application "TabLauncher" to set icons size of tabs to 40
  • New option to make TabLauncher stay open until you click on an icon or tab.
  • There are a bunch of other bug fixes.

V2.1 was approved by Apple! Yay!

TabLauncher V2.1 and TabLauncher Lite V2.1 are now available for download on the Mac AppStore.

V2.1 was submitted to the App Store (again)

What’s New in Version 2.1

  • Window preview. Placing the mouse pointer over an app currently on your tabs will display the app's window preview.
  • Added "Special Tab Windows". Shows a small preview of all applications windows. You can also set to display only off screen or minimized windows.
  • Badge on the Mail application.
  • Improved Performance.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to implement a decent way to bring a specific window to front, if it’s not on the current desktop (mission control’s space).
Also the control we have over “mission control” is very limited.
Apple has been removing the control developers used to have over the system. If they continue to block us even more, I fear applications like TabLauncher will no longer work in the future.
Let's hope the guys at Apple realize that the community has much to offer, if they let us!

We are sorry, but for now clicking on window icons won’t work on all cases.
We hope this can be fixed in the future.

V2.1 was submitted to the App Store

What’s New in Version 2.1

  • Some improvements and bug fixes.
  • Added "Special Tab iCloud".
    • Files that are dragged to this tab will be synchronized with your iCloud account.
    • Useful for backing up important files on the cloud.
    • Great way to have easy access to the same files on different machines.
    • Quick way to share files.
      • iCloud
      • And then paste the URL on an email to share the link to the file.

V2.0 was submitted to the App Store

What’s New in Version 2.0

This is a major update, TabLauncher was completely redesigned to allow smoother animations and dramatically improved performance!

Here are some of the key features available on V2.0:
  • It's now possible to dock at the top of the screen.
  • Tabs can be individually dragged to any edge. Allowing to have Tabs on all edges simultaneously.
  • New Configuration Menu.
  • Export and Import the configuration.
  • Import Items from the System's Dock.
  • New skins. Tabs can have different shapes now.
  • Tabs and Icons can now have different transparencies.
  • Tabs with special behaviors. Currently available are "Running Applications Tab", "Recently Modified Tab" and "Real Folder Tab".
  • Icons can now be customized by changing the image or adding a label.
  • Adjust the position, size and spacing of the Icons in each Tab.
  • Several different ways to activate TabLauncher.
  • Adjust the opening and closing animations.
  • Several different effects for Icons selection and execution.
  • Preview your documents without having to open them.

V1.2 was submitted to the App Store

What’s New in Version 1.2

  • Multiple monitor support. Just drag to any monitor.
  • Indication light for running applications.
  • Option to Hide, Quit and Force Quit running applications.
  • Drag icons out to remove from TabLauncher.
  • TabLauncher will now keep track of files even if moved or renamed.
  • Drag links from any web browser directly to TabLauncher.
  • Option to turn off/on the sound.
  • Other improvements.

Version 1.2 was supposed to have a lot more options, special effects, animations and so on.
But it’s taking longer than expected to implement the new graphics engine.
We didn’t want to keep people waiting for this features, so we had to release this intermediate version.

V1.1 was submitted to the App Store

What’s New in Version 1.1

  • Added Separators between applications.
  • Added Option to hide or show TabLauncher in the menu bar.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the tabs to be unreachable outside the screen area in case there were too many icons added.
  • Other minor bug fixes.