Dragging Things

Adding Applications, Opening Files with applications on TabLauncher

Adding the Trash icon

Right click a Tab and select the menu
Add Custom / Trash / Trash.
Clicking this Trash Icon will show the trash contents in Finder.


There are some right click options as well.
More options can be added to the menu using AppleScript.
You can also add Icons to empty trash when clicked, instead of showing the trash contents.


Adding a custom item

In this example we are going to add an Icon to set Finder to show hidden files.
A script for this is already included so simply add it from the menu
Add Custom / Finder / Show Hidden Files.


A new Icon will appear, and it’s already functional.
But has the default script icon appearance, which is not very pretty. So let’s add our own personal touch.

Pasted Graphic

On the preferences menu we can drag in any image or file to use as Icon image, or we can make our own Icon.
In this example we will make an Icon ourselves.
Start by selecting an image from the existing templates, and change it’s color.


Clicking the button with the smiley will display Apple’s emoticons and symbols.
We’ll use the eyes, since this is an Icon that will show hidden files, seems appropriate.


Use the font options to adjust the size.


And here’s our new cute Icon to set Finder to show hidden files.


Adding Finder

You can drag the Finder to any tab. It is located here: "/System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app".
But maybe it's easier to drag the folders you use the most to a tab.


Resizing TabLauncher

TabLauncher will increase its size to accommodate the biggest icons you have on all your tabs.


By shrinking the size of the icons on only one tab, the width will decrease but the hight will maintain.


If you shrink the icons on all tabs then the hight will also decrease.


Resizing the tabs

Adjust the
Appearance slider on the Tabs preferences menu.
Some styles include a smaller tab.

tabSize1 tabSize2

Adding radio stations to your Music tab

To add radio stations from  http://www.shoutcast.com/ you must first click Settings,
then choose to play in default media player.


Then search for the radios you want and drag the links to your Music Tab.