Dragging Things:

Adding Applications, Opening Files with applications on TabLauncher:

Adding Finder:
You can drag the Finder to any tab. It is located here: "/System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app".
But maybe it's easier to drag the folders you use the most to a tab.

Resizing TabLauncher:
TabLauncher will increase it’s size to accommodate the biggest icons you have on all your tabs.

By shrinking the size of the icons on only one tab, the width will decrease but the hight will maintain.

If you shrink the icons on all tabs then the hight will also decrease.

Resizing the tabs:
tabSize1 tabSize2
Adjust the Appearance slider on the Tabs preferences menu.
Some styles include a smaller tab.

Adding radio stations to your Music tab:

To add radio stations from  http://www.shoutcast.com/ you must first click Settings, then choose to play in default media player.

Then search for the radios you want and drag the links to your Music Tab.