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MAC OS X 10.9 or later


On older OS X versions
TabLauncher can still be
downloaded from the
Mac App Store.
(V2.3 on OS X 10.7 / 10.8)

is available here.


TabLauncher helps finding and launching your favorite programs, web pages, folders, or any type of files in a fast and easy way. Taking up fewer resources as possible, and allowing you to personalize the appearance in many ways, by changing colors, images, transparency, animations, and many other options to make it blend in with your desktop.

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About the LITE version

This version has all the same features
as the full version and is FREE!
It's limited to 3 tabs but for many
people that is more than enough,
because there is no limitation on the
number of items that you can add.


Feel free to use this version for as long as you like.
We suggest removing one of the initial tabs and
experiment with the "special tabs".

Snow Leopard Edition

If you are having trouble downloading TabLauncher on Snow Leopard
Please use this version
TabLauncher Snow Leopard Edition